BAS Services

BAS Groundwater Consulting offers the following professional services and advantages:

  • Groundwater modeling (MODFLOW, MODPATH, MT3D, AQTESOLV) for a variety of applications including:
    • Surface-water/Groundwater interactions
    • Demonstrations of impacts from groundwater development
    • Assured Water Supply and Physical Availability Demonstrations
    • Demonstrations of impacts from Artificial Storage and Recovery (ASR)
    • Investigations of remedial alternatives
    • Capture zone analysis
    • Passive Containment Capture Zone (PCCZ) demonstrations for open-pit mines
    • Support of Arizona Aquifer Protection Permit (APP) applications, amendments, and compliance
    • Support of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) program
    • Demonstrations of groundwater flow directions and velocities
    • Exploration of groundwater containment from interceptor wellfields
    • Evaluation of sources of recharge and areas of discharge
  • 3D geologic modeling using Leapfrog software
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) development for data management and analysis
  • Data management for water related data
  • Relational database development
  • Conceptual site model (CSM) development
  • Third party review of groundwater models and/or CSMs
  • Reporting to regulatory agencies
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